About Me

I am an experienced Engineering Manager working at Zalando. My professional career started in 2008. By now I have gathered experience as Software Engineer, Consultant, Architect, and Engineering Manager.

For the longest time Search was my passion. I have experience in consulting, implementing small, large, and complex Search systems. Building a Search platform especially in a larger organization formed my passion for event streaming systems. This has helped multiple teams get their data into Search in a simple and scalable way. I also applied this to help teams understand, architect, and implement large scale tracking systems.

Careers never are a straight line. In 2018 I transitioned into management and worked as Engineering Manager. Working with and for people is still the most rewarding thing for me. Helping someone grow and uncovering their potential is extremely gratifying. During the pandemic I moved back to IC and worked as Principal Engineer in Zalando. Sometimes other things have more priority. In 2022 I moved back into management and still enjoy it!

After learning about the Theory of Constraints I am trying to understand how we can work better and more effectively in the IT industry. This blog is my personal effort towards understanding this better.

I am collecting core Ideas & Concepts that influenced my thinking and my actions. I use them as reference in my blog posts.